Prince George’s First Royal Tour

 Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory following the Chinese GP 


Sebastian Vettel | Drivers Parade | Chinese GP 2014

(+ the bonus appearance of Jenson Button)


Sebastian Vettel | Sky F1 Interview | Chinese GP 2014

Simon: Start of the season, it’s not been ideal as far as you guys are concerned, how do you sum up?

Seb: Not ideal.


Simon: Helping each other? Both sides of the garage working together just to try and get the most out of the car?

Seb: Yeah, especially now I think you’d be short-sighted if you’d look only after yourself at this stage. Especially because there’s so much we have to learn and understand. So in the end, for sure you know, I like to drive, he likes to drive, but it’s important that at least one car is driving.


Prince George meets a bilby named after him at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

getting ready for the race

Gotta love the Chinese fans!

"I moved over for Daniel once I knew that we were on different strategies. When I was first asked, I didn’t understand as we were on the same tyre, unlike in Bahrain, so I double checked. When the team said we were on a different strategy, I moved over and then, as the race went on, I saw more and more that I didn’t have the pace. There was no point in holding Dan back."
- Sebastian Vettel explaining his “tough luck” comment [x] (via pitwall)